Advertisement and Sponsorship Information

For those wanting to contribute with something special to MTC; a premier firearms training center which is also 100% veteran owned and operated, we offer several corporate advertising and public sponsorship programs, all with their very own perks.

Commercial Advertising

Range billboard advertising program allows you to put your company's name in front of the most dedicated shooters in the Midwest utilizing highly visible advertising positions on MTC's 1000 yard range, 100 yard multipurpose range and our 25 yard pistol range include:

  • Your company banner elegantly placed on the sidelines of the sponsored range (up to 3' X 8').
  • Your website link on MTC's Range Information page.
  • Your company automatically listed as sponsor of any special event held on sponsored range.
  • Available in 1, 3, or 5 year increments - limited spots available on each range. Email us for pricing and details.

Special Events and Competitions are a fantastic way to support the entire industry and put your newest products in front of your targeted consumer base. Example of sponsorable events:

Public Donor Campaigns can also be tailored for commercial advertisement. 

Public Donors

Shooting: 1000 yard range shoot hill expansion project offers tier level awards to include a portion of the structure named in your honor, multiple years membership, extra ELITE points, and dinner passes to the Black Tie fundraiser event. 

Youth: Help us pass the art and disciple of precision rifle shooting to the future generation by contributing to our youth training program to raise funding to promote outdoor activities and family values.

Lodging: Rally Point Phoenix sponsorship offers an opportunity to put your name above the door of a private rustic cabin, as well as multiple night's stay year after year.

Environmental: We are dedicated to reconstructing the training grounds into an ecological sanctuary by replanting a healthier species of native vegetation than the habitat constricting undergrowth found when we moved in. If you would like to join our ecological conservation effort with the MTC Green Guardian program, you can donate to the cause.

Current Members

Our members come from all over the Midwest and Canada!  Students from coast to coast. 

Map of Membership across the state of Michigan

Billboard Advertising

Put your company's name in front of your targeted consumer user group.

Range Billboard Advertising

Fund Raiser

Shoot Hill expansion project.

Hill Top Expansion Project