About MTC


The mission of the Marksmanship Training Center is to bring an advanced level of practical firearms training to the shooting community to elevate personal defensive skills, competitive performance, and professional capabilities.


The project known as the Marksmanship Training Center is a collaboration of 8 former military veterans (USMC MSG, USMC FAST Co Designated Marksman, US Army Special Forces Sniper, and USMC Scout Snipers) with recent operational experience in the private sector as members of ERT and PSS teams under contract with DoS Diplomatic Security Services and OGA force protection. We represent a wide array of age, training and operational experience and have a specific vision for what will make a superior long range training facility.

  • Challenging: Beginners and advanced veteran operators alike must be challenged to improve and maintain proficiency levels.
  • Variation: Targets in alternating locations are crucial to building confidence, enthusiasm and mastering your skill.
  • Convenience: We know all too well the difficulties of having no or limited access to a range. As a professional you should be putting rounds down range at a minimum of once a week, though weekly training in the real world has not always been logistically possible until now.

The Coalition

We are bringing together a strategic alliance of businesses and organizations to aid in the development and promotion of the MTC mission. Our coalition currently consists of -

Black Widow Armament – Manufacture and operational supporter of MTC
GongShot.com – Supplier of the MTC custom UKD steel targets.
Jericho Defense – Firearms training company, and operational supporter of MTC
National Shooting Sports Foundation – Proud Member
Pierce Engineering Ltd – MTC 1000 yard KD range Sponsor
Women's Holsters - Products for the concealed carry woman.

If your organization feels it could contribute to the MTC mission and would like to take part in this growing coalition, please contact us at INFO@MarksmanshipTrainingCenter.com

The MTC Green Guardian Program

We have unfortunately had to do a fair amount of clear cutting and terrain alterations to build the MTC ranges. We are, however, dedicated to reconstructing the acreage into an ecological sanctuary while replanting a healthier species of native vegetation than was previously found when we moved in. Here are some projects our Green Guardian program are now undertaking -

  • Soil sample testing to maintain proper PH levels of the native area.
  • Planting of hundreds of native pine and hardwood for the MTC training grounds.
  • The location for MTC was specifically selected to eliminate possible watershed contamination.
  • Following best range practice recommendations from the EPA and DNRE.
  • Specially designed shooting bays to minimize noise.
Future Green Guardian action items -
  • Installation of off grid wind and solar power generators.
  • Monitoring of soil samples.
  • Continuous reforestation of pine and hardwood trees.
  • Further eco-friendly landscaping as recommended by the EPA and DNRE stewardship program.

If you would like to join our ecological conservation effort with the MTC Green Guardian program, you can donate to the cause. All donated proceeds will be devoted to the programs listed above.


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