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Practical Shooting Comps coming to MTC in 2018!!!

2018 Wolverine 5K @ MTC sells out in less than 1 day!!

GUNFIGHTER makes MTC home for R&D training.

2018 Michigan Guardian Long Range Match sells out in HOURS!

MTC Instructor takes 1st at the Winston P Wilson Sniper competition!  Congrats Danny R!!!

International Sniper Comp winner now makes MTC home training field. 

Michigan Precision Rifle Squad claims MTC as home training field as well as the Michigan Rifle Team.

MTC renews the sponsorship of the Michigan F/TR Rifle Team.


Range Updates

New long range equipment cache located under the "Range Hot" sign/flag pole.

"Head" steel targets located at 200, 320, 400 and 480 yards. 

New target sheds in the pistol and carbine bays! 

1000 Yard firing line pavilion completed!

Record number of new shooters signing up for memberships!

A lot of new targetry inbound for the 25 & 100 yard bays including plate racks and electronic smart targets.

Big bore target are ready to shoot at 300, 550, 700 and 1050 yards.

Heaters in the classroom, just in time for Jan 14th LR1 class.

Long gun range completely cleared of stumps and brush.

25 Yard pistol and 100 yard carbine bay impact and side berms improved.


Training Updates

New Intro to Competive Pistol class scheduled. 

MTC's new fundamentals, advanced, and tactical carbine and handgun classes gets great reviews.  Sign up now.

2017 LR1 Spring and Summer SOLD OUT! 

2017 LR2 SOLD OUT! 

2017 LR3 SOLD OUT! 

2017 Classes ready for registration.


MTC in the Media

Vanguard Outdoors produces a video featuring MTC . dedicats an entire 1 hour episode and lengthy AAR to MTC's 2016 Guardian Match.

Precision Rifle Media show dedicated to MTC's long range match.

Video overview of MTC's precision rifle match. article about MTC's Guardian Long Range match.

Loadout Room review of MTC's precision rifle courses.

Broadcasting live from GUNSTOCK 2016.

Michigan Out of Doors visits MTC.


Event Updates

Montly IDPA matches coming to MTC in 2018? 

2018 Wolverine 5K sells out in under 24 hours! 

2018 Guardian Long Range competition at MTC sells out in 2.5 days!

Cold weather Friendly Fire fun match - 15 Jan 2017

2017 Woverine 5K is SOLD OUT!!!

Gunstock2017 going back to its roots with a 1 day packed event with precision rifle, carbine and handgun training and fun matches.

Guardian Long Range competition October 8th, sold out.

All new Wolverine 5K tactical adventure race held at MTC sold out months in advance!

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