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Event Details Details

The goal is to gather as families and friends while enjoying the outdoors while eating, shooting, splashing, and camping.

Optional camp out Saturday night; arrive any time in afternoon to set up camp.  Ranges will be COLD Saturday afternoon due to a Land Navigation class being taught, please be courteous and respectful to their training. Simple fixin’s of hot dogs will be provided for dinner around 1700, but feel free to bring something else. Charcoal grill and campfire will be available.  

Check in Sunday morning at 0900, safety brief 0930, fun target shooting games start at 1000 followed by “Painting with a Bang.”

A bare-bones lunch is provided (PB&J, chips, water), but anything else you prefer is fine to bring. Shooting games proceed until mid-afternoon, at which point the range will go cold once more as we all migrate to Lake City and lay claim to the public beach (weather depending). Ice cream is available at the Tasty Treat.

Regroup at MTC for more shooting games or pack it up to head home.

Event Details MTC Members, Family, and Friends.

Guidelines on participants

Family: This is a free event for all MTC members to introduce your spouse, children, or grandchildren to the precision rifle shooting sport.  In order to keep the range safe for everyone involved, we ask that you maintain a 1 adult to 1 child (over 8 yo) ratio.  You will supervise, coach and mentor your family member(s) at all times. 

Friends: MTC member can also sponsor a friend ($30.00) with child.  You will be responsible for ensuring safety standards are applied at all times. 

Gear List Gear List

What to bring:

  • A scoped rimfire rifle and 100 rounds (per shooter) of appropriate ammo.
    • We will be shooting from 25-100 yards.
    • Front and rear support.  (Bipod and rear bag)
    • Eye and Ear protection for all participants.
  • 1 Paint canvas 12x12 up to 24x24 (per shooter)
  • Paint:
    • MTC will provide red, white, blue and black acrylic paint.
    • Bring additional if you prefer other colors. Minimum of 8 ounces per color.
  • 1 Small bag of balloons
    • Standard 11" or smaller water balloon size for more challenging targets.
    • Plain white is prefered, but any color is ok.
    • Laundry basket (to carry balloons from classroom to the range).
  • Extra chow for your picky eaters.
  • Water bottles (can be filled at local spring)
  • Bug spray, sunscreen
  • Clothing appropriate for the different venues: range, beach, campfire
  • Bug spray, sunscreen
  • Tent(s) and sleeping gear for all campers; Limited RV parking is available
  • Camp chair for down time


  • MTC is off the grid: expect NOT to have power or running water (though a porta-potty is on-site)


  • Members: $0.00 (included with your membership)
  • Non-Member Friend: $30.00 per Member sponsored friend with 1 child.