Tactical Adventure Race
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5K Run and Gun
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2 June 2018
Tickets go on sale Jan 1st
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Event Details Tactical Athlete Adventure Race

This "Red Dawn" themed adventure race will be a test of orienteering skills using map and compass, speed & endurance, tactical tasks, diverse marksmanship skills using precision rifle, carbine and handgun in several live fire scenarios. This race can be completed solo or as a team of 3-4. Go HARDCORE competing for best score or just RECREATIOAL fun.

www.Wolverine5K.com for more inforation.

"The Script" - 2018 schedule of event stages.


Event Details Overview

Race Perspective:  Ruck Run, Shoot, Orienteering Race, Shoot some more, and Finish.

  • Safety brief and event rules.
  • Live fire and tactical task stages
  • Orienteering course.
  • More live fire scenarios.
  • Completion, BBQ, Awards, After Party!

Skill Notes:

  • You should be proficient with MGRS maps and be able to plot 8 digit grids, determine azimuths, distance between points, etc.  If you need a refresher see our Land Navigation class.
  • Advanced proficiency with handguns, carbines, and precision rifles highly suggested.  Know and use the 4 universal firearms safety rules. 


Gear List Race Level


  • 1/2 sandbag weight (provided).  Carry personal carbine and handgun entire event.  No GPS.  All tactical tasks.  Prizes awarded.


  • 1/4 sandbag weight (provided).  GPS allowed. Some tactical tasks.  No prizes awarded. Weapons carry optional. 

Female Athletes:

  • Optional 25% sandbag weight reduction. 


  • Hardcore or Recreationalist Teams.
  • Same rules as above.
  • All team members will be scored individually. Team score will be an average of top 3 team members.  Team must remain as one unit during the entire event.


  • This event will be a cumulative time & time penalty score based event.  Your base score will be your start/stop time of the orienteering course.  The shooting stages will be scored to reward/penalize your baseline time.  Additional time rewards for completing  tactical tasking's.


Gear List Team Recruiting

Need a team?

Registering a team?

  • The team leader will register and pay for the team.
  • Email us the team roster with shirt sizes of each person.
  • Register now, fill team later to secure your slot. 
  • Team sizes can be either 3 or 4 athletes.  Same team fee.

Gear List Equipment Needs


  • Note taking gear in water proof bag.
  • Quality lensatic type compass (military version, Silva, Burton, or equivalent.) 
  • Military style map protractor.
  • Local MGRS topographical maps provided by MTC.
  • Bright colored light weight clothing suitable for outdoor training.  Hiking shoes recommended.
  • Durable backpack  (reinforced frame recommended). 
  • Handheld radio for safety communication. (MTC uses Motorola's channel 1-1)
  • Light snacks and beverages.
  • Good attitude and lots of heart.


  • Bring extra $ for sourvenirs and chow.
  • Camelback or water carrier.
  • Non-permanent fine point map pens.
  • Bug spray and sun screen.
  • We will provide map photocopies, you may also purchase a MTC region map here.

Weapons List:

  • Ammo round count estimate:
    • Hand Gun: 69 rounds minimum
    • Carbine: 133 rounds minimum
    • Precision Rifle: 10 rounds minimum
  • Handgun, 2-3 mags with pouches, and holster.
  • Carbine, sling, 3-4 mags with pouches.
  • Precision rifle system (capable of 1 MOA or better)
    • You may multipurpose your carbine as your PR if it shoots well enough at close to mid ranges.
    • Minimum 1 precision rifle per team.
  • Don't have all 3 weapon types?  Borrow, swap, or skip that shooting stage.

Gear List Additional ways to claim a vicoty!

Patriot Prize Pack:

A mega door prize type raffle where tickets need to be earned, not bought.

Propaganda Contest:

Produce and guerilla market your own W5K event video for a chance to win a team entry.