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We are dedicated to reconstructing the training grounds into an ecological sanctuary by replanting a healthier species of native vegetation than the habitat constricting undergrowth found when we moved in. If you would like to join our ecological conservation effort with the MTC Green Guardian program, you can donate to the cause. All generous donations will be devoted strictly to the programs listed here.

Current Efforts
  • Installed solar generators to produce electricity.
  • Soil sample testing to maintain proper PH levels of the native area.
  • Planted over 600 native pine and hardwood for the MTC training grounds.
  • Specific location of MTC was by design to eliminate possible watershed contamination.
  • Following the best range practice recommendations from the EPA and DNRE.
  • Specially designed shooting bays to minimize noise.
  • Relocating young healthy trees located inside the impact area which would have been destroyed by landscaping maintenance operations. Total number of saved trees: 74
Future Green Guardian Projects
  • Reinforce sandy areas with top soil, grass and deep root vegetation around berm areas - Including our shooting hill.
  • Install additional off grid wind and solar power generators.
  • Continuously reforest by planting of pine and hardwood.
  • Monitor soil samples.
  • Continuously provide eco friendly landscaping designs recommended by the EPA and DNRE stewardship program.