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Under Construction Fee : $20.00
Non-Member Fee : $50.00
Member Fee : $40.00
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Product Details About Rally Point Phoenix

Marksmanship Training Center.
Not just a gun range; Not just a training company; MTC is a community within a tight (but growing) culture. With the first concept of MTC we envisioned a place that not only can someone obtain top tier training, and not only a place where shooters have unlimited access to a top tier facilities, we also envisioned a retreat, a meeting place, a safe haven for gunfighters a like.  A Rally Point!

We want shooters to stick around and socialize after a competition, after a class or on a weekend’s recreational shoot.  Get to know each other, share knowledge and strengthen our community. This overnight cabin is the first step in achieving that goal. Over the next couple of years we plan to have a few more of these, along with other off-range recreational amenities.

We have MTC members in 4 different states (and 2 countries), commuting very long distances. Those who shoot here, will tell you it’s worth the drive. Not only for the range, but for the people and experiences as well. We understand that Lake City is quite a drive for one day of training - Soon you can stay the night on campus (comfortably) and make it an entire weekend trip.

Cabin Amenities
  • Individual private spacious cabins.
  • Desk with reading lamp.
  • Off grid solar technology.
    • 12v DC LED lighting, ceiling fan and wall plugs.
    • 110v AC power inverter in every cabin to charge your personal electronics.
    • Oil Lamp.
    • Gas Heater.
  • Covered porch with seating.
  • Deluxe air mattresses. Bring your own sleeping bag, blankets and pillow.
Current Efforts
  • 1st cabin up, working on 2nd, several more to go.
  • Finishing off cabin interiors. (Flooring, wall finish, electrical, etc)
  • Installation of off grid solar power generator.
  • Construction of large pavilion with permanent restrooms and shower facilities.
  • Recreation area with oversized fire pit, BBQ grills and outdoor sports area.

Product Details Booking a Cabin

RP Phoenix will be an ongoing project for the next couple of years.  If you don't mind an unfinished product, you can take advantage of our "Under Construction" special rate" right now.  We have only one available cabin at this time so reserve yours soon.

Reserving a room is easy:

  1. Simply use the "Add to Cart" button located above. Enter the number of nights you wish to stay. Upon checkout leave a comment on which dates you request.
  2. We receive your request.  Confirm the cabin is available.  Then we email you the door cypher lock code for that time.
  3. Let yourself in.  Train hard.  Relax.  Get a good night rest.  Train hard some more.  Clean up after yourself and lock the door on the way out.  
(Check in & out time is noon every day).

Members vs Non-Members:

MTC members have year round access to Rally Point Phoenix.
Non-members may only use Rally Point Phoenix during classes, courses and special envents.

Product Details The Ardis Inn

If RP Phoenix is booked or you require a little more comfort,  the historic Aris Inn located in downtown Lake City offers MTC members only a 20% discount on single room nightly reservation when available.  Contact  Keeper@ArdisInn.com for details.

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Rooms at the Ardis Inn for MTC Members only.

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