5 day technical skills course
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Class time 0800-1700 hrs.
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Course Overview Course Overview

Accumulation of MTC Long Range Courses
Includes all topics covered in Long Range Basic, Long Range Advanced and Ballistic Data Lab.

Long Range Intro Course (Level 1), or a introductory pre-existing foundation for Precision Rifle shooting.
Note: Must have the proper equipment that meets the listed requirements.

Day 1: Covers firearms safety, supported shooting positions, marksmanship fundamentals, ins and outs of your rifle, equipment set up, internal / external ballistics, and scope theory and zeroing.

Day 2: The focus will be on the technical capabilities of your rifle, optics, and ammunition. Throughout this day participants will measure cold bore deviation, perform group test, measure muzzle velocity, explain in detail MV standard deviation, long range wind zero, calibrate 1st and 2nd focal plane reticles, collect and analyze comprehensive weather data, and detailed instruction on use of ballistic software firing solutions as well as measure trigger pull, rifle weight, scope tracking, mil/moa reticle calibration.

Day 3: Covers data book familiarization, spotter responsibilities, range estimation techniques, and low light conditions.

Day 4: Covers supported and unsupported alternative shooting positions, using scope reticles for hold overs and leads, angular shooting considerations and moving target engagements.

Day 5: Last day covers moving targets from various distances, multiple target engagement techniques, and final field exercises.

Gear List Gear list

  • Scope rifle capable of 1MOA or better
  • Ammo: 350-450 rounds of match grade
    • NO armor piercing, steel core or tracer ammo
    • Velocity of less than 3000 feet per second
  • Rear support (sand sock/bean bag)
  • Sling, highly recommended
  • Front support (bipods or web gear), shooting tripod/sticks
  • Durable field back pack to carry equipment in
  • 20x (Minimum) spotting scope
  • Data book, ballistic chart for your rifle/ammo
  • Red lens flashlight
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor training
  • Snacks/beverages
  • Shooting mat
  • Camp chair
  • Head wear
  • Sun screen/bug spray
  • Any support system that can be carried in pack
Notes: Class time 0800-1700 hrs.
Rifle scope with target turrets with Mil-Dot/TMR type reticles are mandatory. Variable power greater than 10X recommended.

Students will be expected to carry their equipment in a field environment for a portion of this course, pack accordingly.

BBQ type picnic lunches will be provided most days. You are welcome to bring your own coolers for chow.