1 day technical skills course
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Class time 0800-1700 hrs.
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Course Overview Course Overview

Minimum skill level requirement: None
Class Size: 10 Student Maximum

Hand Loading Fundamentals for Long Range Marksmanship
Gain the knowledge of how to properly setup and use the equipment to produce better than factory quality ammunition for your rifle. Even if you already load your own ammunition, this class will cover some advanced techniques that will help improve accuracy and consistency in your loading.

  • Safety when dealing with ammunition components
  • Difference between hand loading and reloading
  • How to select components
  • How to select equipment
  • Reloading manuals and other reference material
  • How to select dies for your rifle
  • Measuring tools associated with hand loading
  • Properly set dies for your rifle
  • Brass prep
Equipment to be demonstrated in class:  
  • Standard press
  • Arbor press with load cell
  • Case trimmers
  • Powder dispensers
  • Powder scales
  • Hand priming tools
  • Case prep tools
  • Brass cleaning equipment

The above list of equipment will be on hand and used for hands on demo as part of class. A list will also be provided of sources to purchase equipment and supplies. (Do not need equipment prior to the class.) There will be a live fire demo on load development. The results will be collected and reviewed in class with adjustment recommendations.

Due to the time constraints of this one day class, the only ammunition loaded in this class will be for demonstration purposes only - There will not be time to load student’s ammo.

Gear List Gear list

  • Note taking gear (pen & paper)
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor training
  • Ear Protection
  • Snacks/Beverages - Lunch is included