1/2 day technical skill clinic
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Non-Member Fee : $100.00
Member Fee : $80.00
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Class time 0800-1300 hrs.
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Course Overview Course Overview

This course is designed to improve field skills for advanced modern sportsmen. This non-live fire course covers in depth target detection skills of scanning and picking out hidden targets as well as a detailed lesson on Ghillie Suit construction. As a recreational shooter, competitor, or a diehard outdoor sportsman – this course is a must.

Minimum Skill Requirement: None

Session 1: Target Detection and Observation skills
  • What is a target indicator?
  • Scanning techniques
  • Target detection training
  • Practical application
Session 2: Ghillie Suit Camouflage
  • Purpose
  • History
  • Different types
  • Base layer materials
  • Netting options
  • Jute vs. synthetic string
  • Coloring vs natural tan
  • Natural vegetation
  • Practical application

If you enjoy this class, check out Level II where you will test your advanced skills in the field with target detection, stealth exercises, movement to target, and live fire engagements.

Gear List Gear list

  • Note taking gear, (pencil, paper, and clipboard)
  • Optics (binoculars, rifle scope, spotting scope 40+ power, or all three)
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor training
  • Shooting mat for prone observation practice
  • Ghillie suit not required – bring it if you have one
  • Camp chair for down time