1 day technical skill clinic
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Non-Member Fee : $200.00
Member Fee : $160.00
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Class time 0800-1700 hrs.
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Product Details Course Overview

This course covers in depth target detection skills of scanning and picking out hidden targets while also stealthily closing the distance to ensure a first round hit while remaining hidden. As a professional rifleman, avid hunter, outdoorsman, or recreational shooter, this course will give you another tool in your tool box and will improve your sense of situational awareness in everyday life.

Minimum Skill Requirement:
Possesses skills of Field Skills (Level I) course and have constructed a personal concealment system (Ghillie Suit)

Course Subjects
  • Field Skills 1 Overview
  • Target detection exercise
  • KIMS in relation to detail scanning and memory
  • Camouflage and concealment techniques, stationary, firing position, stalking
  • Stationary concealment exercise
  • Firing position exercise
  • Stalking concealment exercise
  • Live fire from concealed positions

Product Documentation Gear List

  • Scoped rifle (1 MOA or better)
  • 10 rounds
  • Rifle case/drag bag
  • Shooting tripod or sticks
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Binos and/or 20+ power spotting scope.
  • Note taking gear (pencil and notepad)
  • Camouflage concealment clothing
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor training
  • Snacks and beverages