1 day technical skills class
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Non-Member Fee : $175.00
Member Fee : $140.00
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Class time 1000 - 1 hour past dark.
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Product Details Course Overview

This course covers in depth orienteering skills with both classroom and in the field practical application exercises of pace count, dead reckoning, locating natural and manmade features, as well as following a plotted course. As a professional rifleman, avid hunter, outdoorsman, or recreational shooter, this course will give you another tool in your tool box and will improve your sense of situational awareness in everyday life.

Minimum Skill Requirement:
Physically capable to walk long distance over uneven terrain.

Course Subjects
  • Compass and Pace count familiarization
  • Map reading
  • Terrain association
  • Grid plotting and route planning
  • Military Grid vs. Lat Long

Product Documentation Gear List

  • Note taking gear (pencil and notepad)
  • Quality lensatic type compass
  • Military style map protractor
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor training
  • Bug repellant & Sun screen
  • A late lunch provided. Bring snacks and beverages for later in the day and in the field.
  • Non-Permanent fine point map pens
  • Handheld radios for safety comms (MTC uses Motorolas on channel 1-1)
  • Camelback or water carrier