Marksmanship and Weapons Handling
1 day technical skills course
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Class time 1300-2200 hrs.

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Fenix Ammo (500 Rounds)
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Course Overview Course Overview

Low Light Handgun (Level 3) is a 1 day course for advanced handgun shooters. This course focuses on low/no light situations and techniques, with emphasis on identification. This class will involve stress/elevated heart rate training.

Students will receive instruction and practical application of:
  • Weapons safety.
  • Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship,
  • Information on night sights,
  • Night vision and what works,
  • Handheld light techniques,
  • Weapon light techniques,
  • Searching techniques,
  • Low light manipulations and malfunction clearing,
  • Target identification, discrimination and engagement,
  • Shooting positions,
  • Movement in low light conditions,
  • Multiple target engagement.
  • And more.

*6 student minimum. If the minimum is not met tuition will be fully refunded.

Course Overview Minimum Skill Course Requirements

Advanced Handgun or equivalent. Shooters must have a working knowledge and familiarity of the weapon they intend to use.

Gear List Gear list

  • Personal semiautomatic pistol.
    • Handheld flashlight.
    • Strong side holster and sturdy belt (belt or inside waistband - NO cross draw).
    • 3 magazine with belt mag pouch/carriers.
    • 500 rounds practice ammo.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Billed, baseball style hat.
  • Suitable clothing for mostly outdoor training.
    • Hat, long sleeve shirt and pants.
    Notetaking Gear (pencil, paper, & clipboard)
  • Snacks and beverages.
  • Pistol mounted light.
  • Extra ammunition.
  • Sun screen and bug repellent.
  • Cover garment (concealed carry).
  • Blue gun.