1 day technical skills clinic
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Non-Member Fee : $200.00
Member Fee : $160.00
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Class time 0800-1700 hrs.
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Using your Mil/MOA scope reticle to its full potential!
Serious precision rifle shooter only! This live fire intensive course builds upon your experienced working knowledge of long range shooting. This clinic will cover in depth the topics important to engaging moving targets, to include:

  • The theory and math behind calculating leads.
  • The application of fundamentals to hitting moving targets.
  • Methods for engaging moving targets
  • Much, much, more.
In this one day clinic you will utilize prone and sitting/kneeling positions to engage walking, trotting and running speed targets as well as stop & go’s and bobbers from distances of 200, 300, 400 and possibly more (time dependent) . Spotting partners will be used heavily in this course; you will be paired up if you come alone. Data books/cards will be used frequently throughout this course.
Break Down
  • Firearms safety
  • Cold Bore + 4
  • Confirm DOPE on steel targets (200, 300, and 500 yards)
  • Mover presentation.
  • Spotter responsibiblities and data book review.
  • LIVE FIRE prac ap (ALL DAY LONG)
  • Clinic review, conclusion, and AAR.
  • Long Range Basic Course (Level II)
  • Or a strong pre-existing foundation for long range shooting.
    Note : Must have confirmed gun data from 100-600 yards
  • Come with rifle zeroed and ready to go – if you are showing up without a zero, please come ½ hour early so you can get zeroed.

Gear List Gear list

  • Scope rifle capable of 1MOA or better
  • Rifle scope with Mil or MOA reticle (Dot, TMR, Horus, etc.)
  • Ammo: 200 (minimum) rounds of match grade
  • Rear support.
  • Data book, ballistic chart for your rifle/ammo
  • Note pad, pencil, clip board. 
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor training
  • Snacks/beverages


  • 20x (Minimum) spotting scope
  • Shooting sling
  • Shooting tripod
  • Sun/bug juice
  • Extra water
  • Back pack / drag bag

Note: Much of this course will be conducted away from the parking lot/class room, therefor shooters need to come with a pack capable of carrying water, ammunition, rain/cold weather gear, and other equipment.