1/2 day technical skill clinic
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Non-Member Fee : $75.00
Member Fee : $60.00
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Class time 0800-1300 hrs.
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Course Overview Course Overview

Prerequisites: None

Covering spotter/shooter duties and dialog as a team. Focusing on the duties of the spotter to assist the shooter to deliver rapid accurate fire. Great class for competitive shooting teams, hunters, or long range enthusiast. AT MTC we always promote the use of a spotter, this class will make you understand why.

Note: This individual class is also part of the Long Range Basics (Level 2) course.

Gear List Gear list

  • Note taking gear (Pencil, paper, clipboard)
  • Rifle with quality scope
  • A spotter (Come as a 2 person team if possible)
  • Ammo: 40(min) rounds of match grade per person
  • Databook/ballistics table (for your rifle)
  • 1 spotting scope per team
Note: Ask about availability of equipment rentals.