Scientific approach to gauging air flow.
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Class time 0800-1300 hrs.
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Wind reading is the most difficult skill to master in long range precision rifle shooting. This technical skills clinic will help you hone in your wind calls with field discussions, experiments, data logging and live fire verification test and analysis.

  • Location : MTC
  • Half day technical skills clinic
  • Point technique
  • Mirage
  • Effects on vegetation
  • Multiple styles of flags
  • Live fire verification
  • Pyrotechnic smoke to show wind patterns
  • Professional weather station for real time feedback

Gear List Gear List


  • Scope rifle capable of 1MOA or better - Sling/rifle bag
  • Ammo: 20-40 rounds of match grade
  • Spotting scope/binoculars
  • Data book, ballistic chart for your rifle/ammo
    Helpful to have wind charts pre printed for 300, 450 & 1000 yards
  • Sun block/bug juice
  • Beverages (water) and snacks
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clothing suitable for indoor/outdoor training